Shopping For Stick-Shift Pickup Trucks In The Era Of The Automatic

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Consumers who are committed to only owning vehicles with manual transmissions have limited options today when it comes to new models. Those who want to buy a Ford pickup truck with a stick shift will need to shop for used vehicles. The manufacturer quit making pickups with manual transmissions several years ago.

Pre-owned trucks ranging from smaller-sized to larger super-duty models can be found with stick-shift transmissions. 

A Drastic Manufacturing Reduction

A large majority of U.S. drivers only buy automobiles with automatic transmissions. In fact, as of 2018, only 2 percent of vehicles sold annually were stick-shift models.

That market trend has led to manufacturers dramatically reducing the number of models including manual versions. Especially with city driving, repetitive shifting in congested traffic becomes tedious and irritating. 

Reasons to Buy a Stick-Shift Pickup

Most men and women who buy pickup trucks want to haul things in back or use the vehicle for towing. Those who insist on a stick shift appreciate the better sense of control they have over these large automobiles. Some like taking the truck four-wheeling in rough terrain. They might use it to go hunting, fishing, or camping in relatively unimproved areas. Maneuvering in these situations is more difficult with an automatic transmission.

Pre-owned large pickups with a manual transmission appeal to people needing a tough workhorse. They could need a replacement truck for the farm, for example. Plowing snow as a side job becomes a breeze with a large pickup and a stick shift transmission.


Consumers may be pleasantly surprised when they realize how many pre-owned pickups are routinely available at dealerships. Some trucks have reasonably low mileage for vehicles of that age, commonly less than 100,000.

That's because many owners of large pickup trucks mainly use them for specific tasks and not for long trips. The truck might mostly be relied on for towing a boat or carrying building supplies. In contrast, the owner could use a sedan or small SUV for the work commute and daily projects around town.

Getting Started

Connecting with sales representatives at dealerships selling these trucks is a strategic step. These representatives are motivated to provide excellent service to prospective buyers. They'll be happy to be given the person's email address or phone number so they can reach out whenever a suitable vehicle arrives on the lot. 

Keep an eye out for vehicles that have stick shift. For example, you might find a Ford F150 like this.